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Our services

A single view of your Business

At DataAssist we develop innovative software solutions to enable businesses to focus on what they need to do next. DataAssist takes care of all your Business Intelligence Solution requirements. We are a trusted provider of the following solutions and services:

  • Service Enabled Business Intelligence (SEBI) – Data | Software | Services
  • Taking Business Intelligence into the Cloud – your road map to success
  • Enabled Business Intelligence Mobility – decision driven information on your device
  • Quick results to business users with Micro Services – Mobile and Online

Business Intelligence

Service enabled business intelligence – the new way to support business

With SEBI the world of SaaS, on premise or cloud data integration, and the services that enables these components, are now delivered in a single engagement. Combining licence fees and services to meet the customer’s specific requirements. No more restrictions on number of users and time and material consulting.

Services are now managed to supply the right person at the right time to enable integration, report development, end user training or architecture services. All supported by DataAssist’s software solutions.


DataAssist Mobility – A single view of your data on any device DataAssist’s mobile experience enables the single view of your data where ever you are. The mobile applications work seamlessly across mobile devices and offers native performance and user experience. DataAssist Mobile is not a lightweight tool, it provides rich visualization, with purpose built apps, and you can address all business requirements securely. Take your business intelligence mobile today
DataAssist key capabilities for mobility includes Un-restricted deployment to mobile users Single sign on security, desktop, browser & mobile applications Native gesture user interface Resizing for all device type Develop once of browser and mobile applications

What else we provide?

Global coverage

Access your data from various devices. Check your information from anywhere in the world


SDLC methodologies support the design of software to meet a business need, the development of software to meet the specified design and the deployment of software to production.

Development Hours


Take your BI into the Cloud

DataAssist’s road-map to cloud provides enterprises the ability to enable large numbers of information consumers to access relevant, secure information where ever they are, and on any device.

DataAssist Cloud combines enterprise dashboards, native experience mobile applications, security, data integration and quality and data warehousing. With the roadmap to cloud, DataAssist assists their customers to move from on premise to cloud seamlessly.

With the use of Micro Services, quick delivery to business stake holders are enabled. No more long cycles of development before business can experience the value of the BI project. Micro Services enable delivery of key services to business and customers in browsers and on mobile devices.

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QuickBooks Desktop – enablement for cloud & mobility

DataAssist takes QuickBooks desktop users to the cloud in a single download. QuickBooks desktop users can now provide information to the business owner, the customers of the business as well as employees in a single click.

To learn more, click through to the Quickbooks website and learn more about EasyBizConnect – a DataAssist product for mobile and cloud enablement –

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Micro Services

Quick results to business users with Micro Services – Mobile and Online

Big data strategies often result in long implementation life cycles which frustrates business users. By implementing micro services, large software and data projects are broken down in modules, which communicate through API’s. Enabling business to feel and see the benefits faster. The engagements are short and concise – delivering exactly what business requires.

Micro services are not a replacement for the widely adopted SOA, it is merely a component there off to enable fast effective deployment of business critical services.

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Who we are

DataAssist is a Spatial Business Intelligence Tool that allows Corporates to combine data from multiple data sources and produce spatially enabled business relevant dashboards, cubes and reporting allowing a ‘Single Truth’ of your business and the factors that effect it thus giving your Management team the ability to make faster, more reliable, well informed business decisions and thus giving you that competitive edge that every business strives for.