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DataAssist 4 Releases


DataAssist 4 is the latest version of our Business Intelligence product.

Your feedback, comments and questions are, as always, the driving factors behind our development and we look forward to working with you to make this the product you love to use.

Visit this page regularly to access the latest downloads in our production release cycle.

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Beta 2 Versions
Release Dates
DA4-20150717 17 July 2015

• Introduction to Last used items

• Ability to add Favourites

 Polar Chart

 Performance enhancements

 User Interface updated

DA4-20141205 05 December 2014

This is the first Beta 2 release which offers new reporting controls such as the SmartReport for WYSIWYG and tabular reporting, the Pivot report for improved analytics, and the DataMap for powerful insights

Beta 1 Versions
Release Dates
DA4-20140612 12 June 2014
DA4-20140519 19 May 2014
DA4-20140504 05 May 2014
DA4-20140402 02 April 2014
Beta1.8 22 November 2013
Beta1.7 8 November 2013

• Bug fix on ribbon bar build

• Project explorer panel fix

Beta1.6 25 October 2013
Beta1.5 11 October 2013

• Timeslider added

• Script editor updated

• Bugs fixed on the ribbon bar

Beta1.4 27 September 2013

• Updates to property settings

• Script panel improvements

Beta1.3 06 September 2013

• ODBC connection 100 record limit implemented before build

• Search filter on data explorer tree event execution.

Beta1.2 30 August 2013
Beta1.1 22 July 2013