DataAssist offers hands-on business intelligence (BI) training on the DataAssist BI platform. Attendees are given the opportunity to practically explore the tool’s functionality, as well as the real life applications of business intelligence.


Training covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to the platform
  • Installation of the software on a client and server environment
  • Establishing ODBC data connections
  • Project file structure
  • Design surface vs. the web-based portal page
  • Establishing database connections
  • Overview of the dashboard designer components
  • Overview of the data source designer
  • Creating reports and dashboards with filters and custom data sources
  • Publishing dashboards to the portal
  • Security and administration
  • Examples on building complex reports

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the training, attendees will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Install DataAssist software in any environment and establish ODBC data connections
  • Data modelling
  • Design various report types on the web-based design surface and publish dashboards to client portals
  • Enforce security-controlled access rights to report portals

Target Audience

Attendees must meet the following criteria to be eligible to attend the DataAssist BI training:

  • Current DataAssist customers
  • Prospective DataAssist customers
  • Entry-level BI professionals
  • Anybody possessing a matric certificate and is interested in business intelligence


DataAssist’s BI training is a one-day course.


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Meet Our Trainers

Training is provided by Frances Jordaan, a DataAssist authorised trainer, and Dawid Jansen Van Rensburg, a senior DataAssist developer.





Attendees receive a certificate of attendance upon completing the training.

How to Apply

To apply, kindly submit your CV and academic qualifications. More information can be obtained from