DataAssist is a Spatial Business Intelligence Tool that allows Corporates to combine data from multiple data sources and produce spatially enabled business relevant dashboards, cubes and reporting allowing a ‘Single Truth’ of your business and the factors that effect it thus giving your Management team the ability to make faster, more reliable, well informed business decisions and thus giving you that competitive edge that every business strives for.

Spatial Business Intelligence requires that your databases be geo-coded which then allows business to display its relevant data visually through our Spatial Viewer, with the addition of multiple map layers giving you basic Location Based Intelligence. Our differentiator is that our product offers all this functionality and the added value of being able to link the DataAssist BI Dashboards, Cubes and Reports to the Spatial Map Layers. DataAssist Spatial BI allows Business to further enable there decision makers by giving them access to geographical and other data that may affect their decisions thus minimising potential losses and maximising potential profit, helping secure the growth and sustainability of the business