DataAssist Location Business Intelligence

DataAssist Location Business Intelligence (SBI) is an evolution of traditional business intelligence and geospatial analysis functionality, in one unified tool.

With a fast changing market and increasing competition, organization need to discover clever ways to analyse data and provide alerts of changing business conditions. Location Business intelligence drive greater productivity, new sources of revenue and competitive advantage like:

  • The integration of competitive pricing information into price optimization of revenue management.
  • Real time monitoring of information sources to predict movement and react of changes.

Key Benefit Areas

DataAssist SBI brings an affordable tool with all the BI and GIS functionality seamlessly packaged into one user friendly application, that can be deployed throughout business.

Deploying DataAssist has enabled customers to put reporting tools directly into the hands of their information consumers, ensuring consistent access to relevant information enabling accurate decision making.

Benefits form the DataAssist Location Business Intelligence Solution include:

  • Reduction in daily, weekly and monthly presentation time.
  • Automation of reporting reduced IT involvement.
  • Faster report delivery. Management can access reports on demand.
  • Improved visibility. Dashboards enable quick problem identification
  • Improved accuracy of data, all users have access to the same version of the data.
  • Empower end users. Users can now develop and change their own reports without any programming.
  • Answer the location related questions visually.
  • Automatically update different report types with one click.